08 November 2010

It Won't Be Like This Forever.

You know what will make me feel better?  Writing a blog. 
I have long been reciting to myself a mantra that sounds like this, “It won’t be like this forever.”  I say it because I know that it’s true.  I won’t always be pulled in a thousand directions, few of which I am passionate about, and being paid nada at a part-time retail job.  But for now I am…
School : 15 hrs/wk
Homework: 15 hrs/wk
Work : 25 hrs/wk
VA for Rachelle : 5 hrs/wk
Ride the bus : 15 hrs/wk
Self-Care: 2-4 hrs/wk
Students Leadership: (PTK, Panel discussion board, Art Auction committee, SPOT committee, Literary Magazine Committee) 2-4 hrs/wk
That equals 84-ish hours a week.
Friends, Sleep, food, bathing, laundry…If I have time I fit those in.  I also like to read magazines and watching 30 Rock. 
My head is spinning.  But this is how I fix it.
I write, do yoga, breathe, lay very still, eyes closed and breathe in and out. If I do these things everything in the first list is much easier and I am nicer and coherent and not having emotional breakdowns. 
It won’t always be like this, I just need to breathe. 

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  1. is this a new tattoo of yours? if so, it's beautiful! love it.